Concrete Construction Services

Residential Concrete Construction Services in Utah

Are you working on building your dream home? Maybe you’re upgrading for a higher resale value? Or possibly, you’re just renovating for the better comfort of your family? No matter what your reason is, doing home improvement on your home exterior surfaces surely adds value to your property.

We at Utah Concrete, have an extensive background that has allowed us to turn into a full-service provider to the construction industry. We carry the skills, knowledge, and resources to offer our clients a broad range of concrete solutions for their residential needs.

New Construction and Addition

Enjoy the fun of having a home or addition that has been designed and made specifically for your needs. We are going to help you have a more livable home by adding uniqueness and character to your home. We can add stamped concrete using the materials of your choice: brick, stone, slate, tile, and even wood! Exposed concrete aggregates are extremely ideal for most concrete flatwork projects. This finish offers durability, skid resistance, and an improved appearance.

Garage, Patio, Pool, and Pergola

Garages, patio, pool, and other outbuildings offer greater comfort and convenience while also improving the functionality, character, and style of your property. With a durable foundation built to endure extreme weather, you will be able to benefit from the extra space suitable for your lifestyle.

Driveway and Sidewalk

Revamp your property by getting a driveway or sidewalk installed by the experts from Utah Concrete. As experts in the field for many years, we can handle all types of exterior concrete work proficiently. If you need sidewalks, wheelchair-accessible (ADA) approaches, or better access outdoors to enjoy outdoor activities, we are also able to help.